3 Tips to Improve Your Business’ Landscape

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Published January 30th, 2019 by

The first impression your business makes matters. The exterior of the company, including the sign is the first thing a customer sees when they come to your place of business. Your brand is not just a logo on a sign but an experience that a customer will remember. Make it a positive and memorable one!


3 Reasons Why You Should Plan Your Landscaping During the Initial Phases of Building a Home

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Published December 26th, 2018 by

When you decide to build a home and are in the initial phases of the design process, you may not be ready to consider the landscaping. It might seem like a good idea to hold off on the landscaping and tackle one job at a time. Although building a house and creating the landscaping around it sounds like two separate projects, they are actually much better off considered as one. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a landscaping team from the start:


  1. You Have a Blank Slate

Just like when you are building your new home, you will also have a blank slate for your new landscaping. Consider the function you would like your outdoor living space to serve. If you would like a pool, outdoor kitchen or front walkway, then discuss this with your builder and a professional landscape architect. It will take time to develop and complete your project but if you start when the house building begins, the two projects will mold together much more smoothly.


  1. The Pros Know What To Do

Hire a professional landscaping team that has been there before. The pros know the rules and regulations so they can help you create your perfect outdoor living space legally. The development industry has changed in recent years, meaning tighter regulatory requirements and an assortment of economic restraints. A professional team, like Josh Landscape, is required to keep up on the laws and knows how to work effectively within them.


  1. Most Cost Effective

If you do the landscaping work at the same time as building your home, potential construction won’t have to be redone in the future. The landscaping team and builder can work together so that both jobs can fit in and be done together. Even if you are not completely certain as to what you want your landscaping to look like, you can at least have the larger projects laid out to prevent as little of renovations as possible when they time comes for you to finish it.

Hiring a professional landscape team to work with your builder when you are building a new home can save you time, money and hassle. You can complete two projects at once and have them work together so that it is more cost effective and less messy. The team at Josh Landscape is prepared to make your new house feel like  you are on vacation and can help you create the perfect staycation while building your new home.


From Idea to Design

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Published November 28th, 2018 by

A lot goes into a landscape before you see the outdoor living space, complete with a fireplace, strategic lighting, a wood fired pizza oven and a pool with a professionally customized grotto.


This can seem overwhelming when you try to think of how you want your own landscape to look, but if you start at the very beginning, the process is not as daunting as it may seem. You can get the backyard of your dreams in just 3 easy steps:




After you call us to schedule a free consultation, one of our experienced designers will come out to your home to begin discussing what purpose you want your new landscape to serve. We’ll take into account your ideas as well as offer up our own recommendations. We can then divulge into the combination of ideas and talk about what would work best for you based on what you want the function to be.




Once we have a clear idea of what your dream landscape looks like, we will create a 3D rendering of it. If you would like boulders in different locations, a change of lighting or plants, or decide that you want to add a pool surround, we can update the image to make it exactly what would work best for you and your family. It is during this process that we go into the most detail. We want your new landscape to accurately reflect your personality and be the style that you want it to be. It is your home after all!




We can work with you on everything from what plants would work best around your home to where a pool would fit comfortably-- all while keeping your budget in mind. We will run through a rough range of numbers within your budget based on the items we discussed in the beginning of the process. We will work to help you understand how much your particular project could cost and how we can manipulate the project to make it fit within both your functionality goals and your budget.

When the design is an accurate reflection of what you want, then we put you on the schedule! If you would like to meet with a designer and start to create your dream landscape, give us a call at (585) 582-1212 or contact us here today!

5 Reasons to Clean Up Your Landscape Every Year

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Published October 24th, 2018 by

It may seem like having the landscaping done at your house is a one time deal, but to keep a fresh and inviting look we recommend having it cleaned up at least once per year. Below are 5 reasons to clean up your lawn, walkways and shrubbery.


Why You Should Plant in the Fall

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Published October 1st, 2018 by

Now that summer has ended and fall is in full effect, you’re probably more worried about shoveling snow than what your yard will look like next spring. Now, imagine this scenario. April comes around and the weather is warming up. You walk onto your patio and breathe in the fresh air. You hear the birds chirping and see squirrels playing in the trees. But, when you look down at your yard, it is lifeless, lacking color, vibrancy and some fresh mulch.

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