5 Great Staycation Ideas

Published June 13th, 2018 by Josh Landscape

Staycation is defined as a “vacation” that you alone, you and your significant other or even you and your family can take! The exciting part of a staycation is that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to go on this vacation! We here at JOSH Landscape are here to help make those staycations the most relaxing time you will have received to this day.  We can help by providing you with the perfect landscape or even hardscape your heart desires!

Get on our "Early Bird" Schedule

Published February 6th, 2017 by Josh Landscape

Late Winter is a great time to make your yard more fun and beautiful, and starting now makes sense. Think about it … if you’re going to be “under construction,” wouldn’t you rather do it during the cooler, Winter months, when schedules are less hectic and you’re outside less anyway? We’ve got crews available NOW, who can start – and maybe even finish – a number of your projects in the off season. By Spring, you’ll be putting the finishing touches on your new landscape right around the time your neighbors are just starting on new ideas.
Need more reasons NOT to wait? A few months from now, we’re going to have a waiting list again, plus you can expect rain delays, backlogs for materials and that rushed feeling of racing to be ready for the first nice days of the Spring season.

The top five project types

Published January 25th, 2017 by Josh Landscape

The popularity of outdoor living spaces among consumers continues to grow; that we know. And with water conservation and the future of water resources on the minds of many in the nation, there's also growing awareness of and commitment to reducing water use among consumers in their homes and gardens. A recent survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to discover the leading trends in residential outdoor design bears this out, finding that rainwater/graywater harvesting is a top trend among homeowners who increasingly seek residential landscapes that are both beautiful and minimize water use and storm-water runoff. 

The survey, conducted in September 2016, gathered responses from 803 participants who were asked to rate the expected popularity in 2017 of various residential outdoor design elements. The results indicate that consumers seek outdoor living spaces that are environmentally sustainable, reduce water use/costs, and are easy to maintain. The top five project types that landscape architects anticipate will be most in demand by consumers in 2017 are: 

1. Rainwater/graywater harvesting – 88 percent                           
2. Native plants – 86 percent
3. Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants – 85 percent
4. Low-maintenance landscapes – 85 percent
5. Permeable paving – 77 percent                                                           

Rainwater Harvesting

Other project types in the top 5 list include:

  1. Fire pits/fireplaces
  2. Food/vegetable gardens
  3. Rain gardens
  4. Drip/water-efficient irrigation
  5. Reduced lawn areas

With sustainability leading the trend, the top 8 sustainable elements, ranked in order of popularity for 2017, are:

  1. Rainwater/graywater harvesting (88 percent),
  2. Native/adapted drought tolerant plants (85 percent),
  3. Permeable paving (77 percent),
  4. Drip/water-efficient irrigation (72 percent),
  5. Reduced lawn area (72 percent),
  6. Recycled materials (61 percent),
  7. Solar-powered lights (56 percent),
  8. Compost bins (45 percent)                                                  
  9. Permeable paving                           

Top five results for other survey categories:

Outdoor design elements:

  1. Fire pits/fireplaces (75 percent),
  2. Lighting (67 percent),
  3. Wireless/Internet connectivity (66 percent),
  4. Seating/dining areas (64 percent),
  5. Outdoor furniture (63 percent).

Outdoor structures:

  1. Pergolas (51 percent)
  2. Decks (47 percent)
  3. Arbors (44 percent)
  4. Fencing (44 percent)
  5. Porches (40 percent)
  6. ADA accessible structures—ramps, bars, shelving, etc. (38 percent)

Outdoor recreation amenities:

  1. Sports courts—tennis, bocce, etc. (41 percent)
  2. Spa features—hot tubs, Jacuzzis, whirlpools, indoor/outdoor saunas (40 percent)
  3.  Swimming pools (36 percent).

Landscape and garden elements: 

  1. Native plants (86 percent)
  2. Low-maintenance landscapes (85 percent)
  3. Food/vegetable gardens—including orchards, vineyards, etc. (75 percent)
  4. Rain gardens (73 percent)
  5. Water-saving xeriscape or dry gardens (68 percent)

Need ideas?  Check out the NATIVE PLANT LIST for New York –

It's Almost Spring!

Published February 13th, 2014 by Josh Landscape

Will winter ever end? If you are in the north east, it has been one of the coldest and snowiest winters we have had in the last 5-10 years. It has been sub zero temperatures for most of the winter. Our snow plowing teams have had more services this winter than the last 3 winters combined. I can't wait for spring! We have to stay positive, it's almost here.

Here are a few things you can do to hold you over until spring. Now is the time to start planning your gardens. If you are going to plant a veggie garden or a flower garden you can't start planning early enough. It will allow you to plan ahead and be ready but it will help your warm weather withdrawals too. The other thing to plan is maybe a new patio or outdoor living space. What about a small seating area for morning coffee in a quiet garden. How about a pool and pool surround for the kids? Whatever you dreams are for spring, now is the perfect time to plan.

I know we here at Josh Landscaping are preparing for spring. We are training for the newest landscaping and construction ideas and working on designs and estimates for current clients. We are also going through and maintaining our equipment and organizing so we can be more efficient when the weather finally breaks!

Don't lose hope, spring is almost here! Try and enjoy the last few weeks of winter while you can!

Josh Landscaping Featured in National Magazine

Published May 6th, 2013 by Josh Landscape

Josh Landscaping was featured in Lawn & Landscape Magazine. Lawn & Landscape Magazine is one of the top landscaping national trade magazines.

Josh told his story of how he got started, and his road to success in the green industry.

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