Why You Should Plant in the Fall

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Now that summer has ended and fall is in full effect, you’re probably more worried about shoveling snow than what your yard will look like next spring. Now, imagine this scenario. April comes around and the weather is warming up. You walk onto your patio and breathe in the fresh air. You hear the birds chirping and see squirrels playing in the trees. But, when you look down at your yard, it is lifeless, lacking color, vibrancy and some fresh mulch. By the time you get a chance to call the landscaper they are backed up for weeks, putting off time you could be entertaining and enjoying your yard.


You can avoid that scenario completely by having your flowers planted this fall and have a beautiful yard for 2019! Below are 3 reasons why you should have your plants planted in the fall:


  1. Plants are under less stress.

In the fall, the plants are preparing to go dormant so there’s less pressure on them. There is also less stress from the heat since summer is over and the sun is setting earlier in the day. We recommend planting at least six weeks before the ground is frozen.


  1. Your garden is ready go for next year.

In the spring, the roots of the plants planted in the fall will begin to grow and strengthen before the soil is ready for any new plants. The flowers planted before the ground has frozen will be more mature and bloom earlier than flowers that are planted fresh in the spring.


  1. Better chance of survival.

Not only is the weather perfect for the plants to grow but they have a better chance of surviving as well. The plants have extra time to grow deeper roots so they become more hardy and can handle droughts. Also, plants watered in the fall can retain the moisture better than a young flower struggling to hold onto any water it gets in the hot summer.


If you are missing spring-blooming bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs in your garden, it’s not too late to plant them and have a healthy looking yard in the spring. Give us a call at (585) 582-1212 or contact us here to get the process started this year.

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